RE Classes History

ELEBS RE & Cultural classes were formed in 1999 when the ELEBS management committee organised an evening lecture to educate the youth taking part in a samuh Yagnopavt sanskar, the true values and responsibilities that come with performing the thread ceremony. The sheer desire shown by the youth to learn and absorb the Hindu Dharma & Culture led a core group of the management committee to inaugurate the RE & cultural classes.

The core group saw this as an opportunity to engage the youth of the Samaj who had, up until this point, only been influenced by the western culture and had little or no understanding of Hinduism.

With the aim of educating the young generation about Sanatan Dharm & rich Hindu Culture the ELEBS held its first class at Upton centre, where, a small group of volunteers took initiative of meeting parents & youngsters for an hour to instil culture and good moral values within the youth. Following a very enthusiastic response from the students and parents alike, the management committee agreed to turn this into a weekly activity which would be attended by all that wished to part take.

During early 2000 the sheer influx of parents requesting the management committee to allow their children to attend the classes has increased and its capacity at Upton centre had out grown which resulted in relocation of classes at Beal high school. This also prompted the core group of teachers to introduce a structure to the classes to ensure there was continuous enthusiasm from the youth. This also resulted in the formation of structured syllabuses designed by the teachers to make sure each age group was able to engage in the learning process at their respective levels.

By mid 2000 the teachers had seen a further opportunity to integrate the learning from RE & cultural classes to the National qualification level by meeting the standards set by various UK examination boards. This meant students were now allowed the chance to take their education from the classes and be able to utilise this knowledge to pass GCSE's, AS and A-level examination in Hinduism, in turn helping them to be singled out with additional qualifications.

Since its inauguration, ELEBS has continued to meet its objectives set by the core group almost a decade ago and currently is the only Brahmin Samaj to provide such opportunity within the UK. The classes currently has four age groups and runs every Friday evenings between 8pm to 9.30 pm and today boasts a whole host of students brimming with talent and cultural values.

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